The Strength of Your Ancestors Lies Within You

Around 300,000 years ago, the first Homo Sapiens arose from their ancestors. These creatures managed to survive and propagate their species until over 7 billion of us now populate the modern world. They survived harsh winters, predators trying to hunt them down, and battled illness with no access to modern medicine or hygiene standards. They banded together to form communities where they helped one another to thrive as much as they could. They discovered fire and invented the wheel. They explored the Earth for finer places to inhabit, and domesticated animals to aid them. Later on, humanity survived World Wars, pandemics, financial meltdowns, and started working towards civil rights and a fairer society.

All the challenges that have been faced by humanity were overcome in one way or another by your ancestors – which means that the capability for fortitude, determination, kindness, morality and heroism that was displayed in the past is coded deep into your DNA.

Whatever challenges you are facing today, remember that all the challenges that your ancestors successfully overcame has culminated in bringing you into this world. Understand that their strength is within you too – that you’re genetically built for whatever challenge you’re facing. You’ve got this.

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British-born Chinese guy who wants to inspire and help others by sharing wisdom and learning through one's own experiences. Main interests are health and fitness, psychology, sales and sports.

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