When is Quantity Better Than Quality?

Recently, an article from this blog was mentioned in a page on The Jordan Harbinger Show website. Okay, I hadn’t heard of the Jordan Harbinger Show either, but apparently it’s a popular podcast with previous guests such as Kobe Bryant, Tony Hawk, and Simon Sinek. In his latest episode, he happened to be interviewing Adam Grant, the author of a book I had mentioned in one of my blog posts. In the show notes, my blog post on imposter syndrome was one of the suggested resources.

So what am I getting at here? Well, everyday in the last few months I have been writing and posting on things I find interesting, and created a catalogue of blog posts I can peruse through at my own leisure. I’ve written 77 posts in the last 62 days, usually taking about an hour to write each day.

Why so many posts? Firstly, it’s a good way of trying to get better at writing, and being more comfortable with producing and sharing my thoughts. But also, I knew that the more blog posts I wrote, the more chance there would be that there’s something that someone out there likes. I just pelted as much shit on the wall as possible, to see what would stick.

Now I’m not saying that quality is not desirable – of course it is. But the maxim of quality at the expense of quantity doesn’t always ring true. If I just focused on making one or two of the best possible blog posts in the last couple of months instead of producing 77 daily blog posts, I have a feeling that exactly zero of my posts would’ve been mentioned in any award-winning podcasters’ websites. It’s akin to buying 77 lottery tickets instead of one, without having to pay 77x the price.

My sister has amassed over 40k followers on her Instagram page about books from almost-daily posting and engagement with her followers. Of course, the quality of the posts are good too, but the fact that she has posted over 1200 times probably helps.

Entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk recently suggested that Netflix may put traditional movie theatres out of business because of the sheer quantity of movies and shows they are making. He highlights that quantity in creative fields no longer needs to be demonized in the Internet-age, and the unfortunate thing about quality is that it’s subjective. The shit that sticks with one person may not with another. What Vaynerchuk is mainly getting at though, is that you’re now more likely to find a Golden Globe-winner like The Queen’s Gambit in Netflix’s 71 movies coming out this year, than in Sony’s 13 movies scheduled for release.

In what ways can quantity trump quality in your life? I’d love to know in your comments!