The Four Agreements: Don’t Make Assumptions

The biggest assumptions humans make is that other people see the world how we see it, believe the things we believe, and feel the things we feel. It’s this shortsightedness and lack of understanding that creates arguments, divorces, and wars.

What if, instead of assuming people know what we want, we told them what we wanted instead? And if we don’t know what we want, how do we expect others to know?!

There’s nothing wrong with asking clarifying questions. When I’m in a sales setting I need to find out what people want as soon as I can, and as clearly as I can. Only then can I suggest a solution that will work the best for them. When I assume that they want everything that I’m talking about, the prospects will actually end up being uncomfortable with telling me what they really want, and the communication breaks down.

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British-born Chinese guy who wants to inspire and help others by sharing wisdom and learning through one's own experiences. Main interests are health and fitness, psychology, sales and sports.

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